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Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1

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In 1867 this square was built on the confiscated Era de los Frailes Trinitarios and in front of the then recently built Council House, to be gradually developed as a roundabout and continue to take on various names throughout history, although in spite of everything it has always been known as the Town Hall Square.
This square has witnessed and played a leading role in the most important events along with the other two emblematic squares that are adjacent to it. It is also a focal point for welcoming visitors, neighbourhood meetings, festive celebrations, children's games, work-life balance and citizen participation, in short, the heart of the town of Torre Pacheco.
In 1930 there were large pine trees and stone benches in El Cabezo Gordo. In 1933 it was renovated. Later, in 1956, the drinking water from the Taibilla river arrived and a fountain was installed: first a large ornamental one, then another simpler bowl-type one and then it disappeared. Today it is an open square joined to the adjacent squares and the main street where shops, banks and cafes can be found.
In this square is located the Old Town Hall where the Torre Pacheco Tourist Office is located.
On 21st December 2017, a time capsule was installed on the steps leading up to the Old Town Hall, which will be opened after 50 years to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, specifically on 21st December 2067. Coins, newspapers, letters and photographs from different groups, schools, public personnel and other residents of Torre Pacheco were placed in this capsule.


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