Family tourism

Welcome to a small region where you will have great fun. When you pack, besides swimsuits and inflatable water wings, please don't forget curiosity to discover amazing monuments and landscapes. If you visit us, you'll wish you were a child!

Culture with your family

Are you curious? Just go with the flow. You can be explorers, archaeologists, historians or scientists. It was never so exciting to discover with your family some spots from the past and look for magical misteries. Visiting the cities of the Region of Murcia and contemplating its treasures and rich cultural heritage has no match. You can walk through Murcia, the eternal spring capital, discover Cartagena, a city with more than 3,000 years of history, travel through time in Lorca, the city of one hundred coats of arms... Shall we start?


Do you want to be inspired?

Camino de la Cruz

Waterwheel Route




10 ENE

31 DIC

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