Cliffs of Cabo de Palos


How to arrive


Cabo de Palos is a peninsula of about 600 meters in length of volcanic origin, oriented from east to west, which forms the westernmost part of the Betic system that here sinks into the sea, giving rise to the low seas and the nearby islands. The low and sandy coastline, in its section of La Manga, becomes steep and rocky when rounding the cape, opening up into small coves, hollows and nooks created by erosion, housing rich habitats of flora and fauna.

Connecting the port of Cabo de Palos with its lighthouse, we find a very special walk that runs along the cliffs of the town and each of its wonderful coves. Small ladders facilitate access to each one of them, authentic diving and snorkeling paradises. It is not recommended to leave the marked route. The cliffs and coves of Cabo de Palos are truly amazing.

How to Arrive?

In Cartagena

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