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Cabo de Palos

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The lighthouse of Cabo de Palos is located on an approximately 600 meters-wide small peninsula in the municipality of Cartagena.

Back in its time, there was a watchtower where the lighthouse is currently located.

The simple structure is defined by its surveillance function as well as the lighthouse-keepers school which was housed in its base. The construction started in 1863 and the lighthouse was first lit on the 31st January, 1865. The building rises 30 meters above sea level, according to Leonardo de Tejada's project. Ashlar stones brought in from a quarry located in the town of Sabinar were used as building material.

It has a prism-shaped base of 20 meters on each side and 14 meters high with rusticated edges. In the middle of the base, above an octagonal shaped pedestal rises the 54 meters high tower. It adopts the form of a Tuscan order column and its capital consists of various corbels that hold up a circular cornice with an openwork parapet in a shape of a balustrade. Above, there is a cylindrical tower where the lantern is built in.

Nowadays, it has a beacon with a range of 24 miles.


Free access to the esplanade at the base of the Lighthouse.

Visits inside, (for people over 12 years old) prior online booking with 48 hours. in advance at






Every 30 minutes prior online reservation, 48 hours in advance at

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Tourist Guide

The visit is developed based on 5 main points: history, background, needs, architecture and human resources, starting at the base of the Lighthouse and with an approximate duration of 30 minutes.


How to Arrive?

In La Manga del Mar Menor

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