Fuente de la calle Mayor

Pza. de las Cortes (junto al Ayuntamiento)

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This fountain was placed at the current location after the ancient fountain in the Cañada village (behind the Moorish castle) dried up in 1792.

In 1880 a new mine was excavated from the Calle Mayor to the garden of La Lonja and a new flow was discovered, which served to supply the new fountain and its site.

The waters are of thermal origin, they flow at a temperature of 20°C and have a composition rich in sulphurous salts, which gives a characteristic flavour and smell.

It is decorated with flashy painted tiles which represent iconic moments of people in procession accompanying the Patroness, they also depict the old esparto work which was the main economic motor of the population, the activity became extinct in the 60’s.

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