Casa de la Encomienda

C/ Encomienda, s/n

How to arrive


The Casa de la Encomienda was the place where the Commander of the Order of Calatrava collected taxes and the tithe from the locals. It also went by the name “Casa del Infante”, the probable reason being was because of the infante John of Austria the Younger (the illegitimate son of Philip IV of Spain) and step-brother to Charles II of Spain. Charles II was prime-minister, commander in chief and also the commander of the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God. Since the building’s construction ought to have been completed during his tenure, it obtained the name of Casa del Infante. 

The two-floor building can be seen from two different areas: the northern side is vaulted and the other flat. In the basement of the vaulted ground floor there were some earthen jars measuring a meter and a half high, in where cereals, wine and oil from the tithes that La Encomienda received were kept.

How to Arrive?

In Abanilla

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