Calle Mayor - Avenida Fontes

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Calle Mayor

How to arrive

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These streets are united and are a place to walk for the citizens and witness the parades of our festivals, as well as historical, social and religious events of the town.


In the Calle Mayor, the magnificent facades from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century are outstanding. These manor houses originally decorated with exposed brick (neonasrid style, typical of the Campo de Cartagena) are considered to be of historical and artistic interest. Worth mentioning is the house where Luis Manzanares lived (the house belonged to his father Felicito M.), in the Modernist style (grille). This illustrious local man was assistant professor to the poet Antonio Machado.


In this street was the Casa de la Tercia, one of the three houses that Torre Pacheco had, a place where the tithes collected by the church were stored.

Today, these two main streets form a large pedestrian area where shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, banks and other businesses are concentrated.

How to Arrive?

In Torre Pacheco

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