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you'll make up endless excuses... to stay here

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Let us surprise you with a set of plans we've come up with so that you can make the most of your summer in the Region of Murcia. We want you to fully enjoy your stay here and to take stunning pictures -either with your phone or with your camera- that you'll take home with you.

In our Region you'll live bright shiny mornings of sunlight, beach and sand games, learning how to surf the waves or savouring our tasty regional dishes in front of the sea. Afternoons are for shopping in local markets, eating flavourful ice-creams, taking healthy baths, walking along the seashore or making cultural visits. And when the sun sets, you'll be able to choose among a wide variety of options -festivals and concerts, cinema under the stars, dinners in the moonlight or nights of party, laughter and fun.

In the Region of Murcia we're full of life, we've got the sun.
One day on the beach, or two, or three... you could spend a hundred days in our Region's beaches and never get tired, as there are more than a hundred of them for you to discover. In our special section "À la carte beaches" we have gathered up a wide selection of our beaches so you can choose according to your personal tastes or necessities: bringing your children, spending a whole day, practicing sports or nudism, or maybe exploring an astounding unspoilt spot. You'll be able to explore from hidden little coves to long stretches of fine sand. And moreover, our coast is washed by two different seas. In case you haven't already made up your mind, here you have a top ten of the most special beaches you shouldn't miss Top Ten Beaches. You can be sure that we've got the beach you're looking for!
The regional natural park Parque Regional de Calblanque is one of the spots of the Region you can't miss. Long golden-sand beaches, secluded coves, crystal-clear waters and nature of original beauty will make you forget about resorts and crowds in just a few seconds. Enjoying a nighttime horse ride along the seashore, going hiking near the Mediterranean Sea or flying on a kitesurf board are some of the most appealing activities in the area.
Certainly, bird watching is one of the most attractive activities in summer thanks to the beautiful weather and the migration phenomenon. Las Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro, a unique wetland in the Region, is a perfect lookout spot for practicing this hobby. In this paradise you'll get to see flamingos and a wide variety of aquatic and migratory birds, take a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean Sea, run on dunes, ride a bike, and witness one of the most stunning sunsets in our shores.
Wine is culture, tradition and life and here you'll find several ideas to enjoy it on all levels. Experience the art of living joining the activities of the wine routes taking place in Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla. Possibilities go beyond your wildest imagination, as we offer wine tasting events and wine cellar tours which mix tradition with new technologies, cultural immersions, trips to natural areas and fields of vineyards, shows and discounts in restaurants, and lodgings nestled in singular landscapes.To suit all tastes... and palates!
Whether you need to take a break, forget about stress or just indulge yourself a little, we'll make things easy for you. In our Health and Beauty TopTen you'll find a wide variety of plans with which you can plunge yourself into a world of cares and comfort -relaxing in the bubbles, resting and recovering to get your strength back, easing away your stresses and strains or discovering a bath's health benefits. Choices can be found both inland and on the coast, in spas or in specialized centres. Or maybe you prefer discovering the outdoors facility in Lo Pagán, The biggest open-air area for mud therapy in the world...a surprising and addictive choice!
Getting on board in the search for the whales, sailing full steam among wild dolphins, sunbathing on the high seas or enjoying a drink at dusk with your favourite crew are just some of the options for sea lovers. Even if gazing at the coastal landscape from the beach is already amazing, getting on board and sailing the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea goes beyond your wildest imagination. You can rent a boat with or without a captain, or enroll in one of the tourist boats which sail across the Mar Menor. But if you want to feel like Moby Dick and scream "Whale ahoy!", Bahía de Mazarrón -Mazarrón Bay- is one of the best spots to catch sight of dolphins, sperm whales and pilot whales aboard an original schooner, always respecting the animals and their natural habitat. Important note: do not forget a pair of binoculars!
The Region of Murcia counts on some of the best hotel and sport resorts in Spain. You can whether stay in one of them, or just pay a visit and spend a few hours enjoying the sport facilities, playing on golf courses, having lunch or dinner in their restaurants with many types of international cuisine, or having a drink while listening to live music.
Buying a t-shirt as a souvenir is pretty good, but taking along a small part of the land where you've been is always much better. Typical products are the best way of remembering your trip or giving those who were not able to join you the chance to travel there for a moment. Sweet, salty, drinkable or tinned products... Drop by the typical shops, especially by the pastry shops, and let experts advice you. Each town is renowned for its own typical products, sometimes even giving rise to gastronomic pilgrimages. Find out the best souvenirs in our delicious souvenirs to take home TopTen which will make you lick your fingers even when you're already back home.
While most people are on the coast you might like to spend a few days in a rural area, covering yourself with a blanket at night, breathing fresh air, enjoying the quietness of the countryside, having for breakfast fruits just harvested from the tree, and discovering mysterious spots by foot or on horseback. Our enchanting towns offer all this and more. You'll walk down their narrow streets, immerse yourself in their traditions and craft markets, and wander around hidden spots. And if you have a thing for soaking in water, don't worry -even in the inland part of the region you can enjoy our river beaches!
The Region's beaches have golden sand and crystal-clear waters through daytime which turn into a black sea when the sun goes down. That's the perfect time to enjoy a night bath. It might seem odd to you, but it's very common in our shores due to the warm temperatures. And can you think of something more relaxing than a bubble bath under the starts? Spas in Archena and Fortuna offer this possibility, which brings together pleasure and health. Don't miss this magical spectacle and enjoy a glorious moment while you lose yourself in a sky full of stars which is impossible to see in the cities.
Maybe you'll get tired of listening to the summer song in the chiringuito -the beach bar-, but you'll never get tired of all the different types of music and concerts not to be missed during your holiday nights in the Region of Murcia. Flamenco dances -full of art, pureness, passion. You'll be able to enjoy them at two festivals with very special billboards: Festival del Cante de las Minas de la Unión and Festival del Cante Flamenco de Lo Ferro. However, if you prefer listening to jazz songs by the sea, at Festival Internacional de Jazz you'll live nights with heart and soul. Now, if you're keen on discovering new types of music such as neofolk, jazz fusion, boogie or futuristic jazz, you're more than welcome to the 20th edition of Festival de la Mar de Músicas de Cartagena. This year, Norway will participate as a guest country.
Summer beginning means we can replace the seats in the stalls with open-air cinema sessions under the light of the stars. Typical from the United States, summer cinemas can still be found in every seaside town in our region. Double sessions with the newest blockbusters and informal dinners of sandwiches and soft-drinks give you the chance to spend a charming night with your family or friends, depending on the type of film. You'll be pleased with the cheap prices and fresh air, but don't forget bringing a cushion or renting it at the cinema. And of course, you can't forget a big bag of sunflower seeds to share with your loved ones. Isn't it a perfect plan for your summertime holidays?
Best moments are shared around a plate of food. That's why we've made up a selection of the best tapas, most typical dishes, desserts to skip your diet so you only have to think where in our country you want to taste them. You won't have enough days to try them all, but certainly you'll save their tastes in your memory for the rest of the year. After a beautiful morning swimming in the sea, you might want to sit at the bar and taste the mullet roe, our filleted salt-cured tuna loins, or king prawns from the Mar Menor. Do not forget to take a picture and share it with your family and friends before eating up your food -they'll envy you! You can also be the first to talk to them about the marinera, a tapa consisting of a long crunchy ring-shaped breadstick with ensaladilla rusa -salad made with tuna, mayonnaise, olive, potato, pickled vegetables and egg- topped off with an anchovy in brine, or the matrimonio, an anchovy in brine and an anchovy in vinegar together in a slice of bread. And you will also discover why this is the land of lemon. We love adding lemon to all our recipes, and you can share our habit squeezing it over many dishes such as our pulpo (octopus) or grilled vegetables. However, among our tasty dishes of coastal cuisine we have a star specialty you can't miss: caldero of the Mar Menor. It's made with rice, grouper fish, mullet, gilt-head bream, ñora -dried red sweet pepper-, garlic... cooked in an iron saucepan. It'll be a flavour explosion in your mouth with the taste of sea. Don't hesitate to come, take off your shoes and dig your feet into the soft sand while we're cooking for you!
If you are looking for striking experiences, come along and see the astounding mine complex Parque Minero de la Unión, where you'll get to go through 50,000 m2 of mining galleries and tunnels riding a train prepared for such purpose. During your ride you'll be able to learn first-hand the whole process of the mining industry in the 19th and 20th centuries and descend 80 metres to explore the galleries of the mine Agrupa Vicenta, one of the biggest mines open to the public in Europe. You won't easily forget the huge corridors, the underground lake with reddish waters due to the pyrite and the flamenco shows inside of the mine. Can you imagine how a concert down there sounds?
Near the Mar Menor and La Manga beaches we find La Unión. Its culture and landscapes are inextricably linked to more than 3,000 years of mining activity and flamenco. Portman looks towards the Mediterranean Sea while it is also very close to the mines of Sierra de Cartagena and La Unión -that's why it became a strategic port for the ancient Romans, who named the area Portus Magnum. In the surroundings, you'll be surprised to still find the remains of old mines and installations from that age and from the 19th century, which were used for smelting mineral substances. The calm and secluded beaches of this area become places of worship for photographers, who come along to capture the outstanding contrasts between the multicoloured sands, the sea and the sky. If you are keen on taking a dip in the sea, we recommend dropping by Playa del Lastre, or if you want to put the cap on your experience, there is no better way than enjoying a caldero rice by the sea.
El Zoco and Plaza Bohemia are two key areas in La Manga, famous for offering a wide variety of restaurants, bars, shops, pubs, hotels and trendy nightspots all together in small areas. You'll find all your favourite leisure venues at hand, so you won't need to move about. Discover the terraces, fun-lovers, music, drinks and the lively atmosphere. Besides, there are many pubs and chiringuitos -beach bars- by the Mar Menor where you can enjoy a more relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere. If, instead, you're looking for a meeting point for cool people, stop by one of the most exclusive and trendy areas of La Manga: the port Puerto Tomás Maestre. It's an important sports, trade and leisure area, which offers a wide variety of restaurants with international and exotic cuisines. It's the perfect place for having dinner with an unforgettable sunset as a background. In Águilas it seems as if it was Carnival all the year given the festive and lively atmosphere of this town bathed by the sea. Somewhat away from the built-up area of the town, there are some trendy outdoor nightclubs which will turn your summer nights into magic dream dates. On the other hand, in the town centre you'll find a more relaxed atmosphere in exotic and chill out pubs. The port area of Mazarrón counts on so many clubs and disco-pubs that you can try a new one every night. Interesting people looking for some fun, music for all tastes and great terraces by the sea -what else could you wish for?
Who wouldn't love to witness a summer sunrise or sunset in paradise? It'll be a time to remember, to capture, to share. In La Manga you'll get to live the experience of seeing the sun rising or setting over the sea, or better said, over two different seas: the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea. A few magic moments which come as a real pleasure for your senses. Look for the best spot to witness this spectacle of nature. Whether you want to round off a memorable night or to be one of the firsts to walk on the still-cold beach sand, you can enjoy one of the best views of the Mar Menor shore taking a nice walk at sunrise along the seafronts in Los Alcázares, La Ribera or Lo Pagán. Don't hesitate to plunge into the water at a time when colours merge on the horizon -having this lovely swim will recharge your batteries and cheer you up for the rest of the day. Another event not to be missed is the sunrise in Cabo Cope, between Águilas and Lorca. Enjoy the quietness, the sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore, the beauty of the sea coloured by the rising sun. We advice to use those first hours in the morning to visit the watchtower, formerly used to control the raids of the Barbary pirates, and to stroll about in one of the last unspoilt paradises of the Mediterranean Sea. Likewise, in Mazarrón you'll find several beaches and coves, walks and a wide variety of landscapes, all bathed by the light of the sun. Choose one of the secluded coves in Bolnuevo, where you'll enjoy a lovely and refreshing dip at dawn. But if you don't like getting up early, don't worry -sunsets here also offer a play of light and colours which will delight your eyes.
The essence of the fishing tradition at the fishermen villages can be felt in their fish markets. It's best to come first thing in the morning to witness the arrival of ships escorted by sea birds in Águilas, Mazarrón and San Pedro ports. We recommend losing yourself in the stores and going to the market to live the traditional fish bidding, a curious spectacle with a taste of Mediterranean tradition. You will discover at the local restaurants the flavours of the sold fish, maybe as one of the ingredients of a delicious caldero rice, or as European seabass -lubina- or gilthead bream -dorada- loins in salt coating. Certainly, Mar Menor king prawns are also a tempting mouthful not to miss.
Warning to seafarers: You're in a paradise of water sports. You'll be able to go windsurfing at full speed, or kayaking until you arrive to a place where the only thing you can hear is the sea breeze. Or maybe you prefer riding a motorboat or trying for the first time a sport you've never taken up before, such as flysurf or stand up paddle. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it's a privilege to practise sport in the Region of Murcia. It's wonderfully easy to try all kinds of water sports in the Mar Menor thanks to the nautical sports resort Estación Náutica del Mar Menor. The Mar Menor is considered to be one of the best boat race courses in Europe. Also, its warm and shallow waters make it suitable for all ages. Likewise, Águilas and Mazarrón are perfect locations to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea to the full. You'll have the chance to dive in its sea beds or master the winds in any of the activities organized by active tourism enterprises and schools in these two towns.
Those who love walks and going hiking have a world of opportunities in the Region of Murcia. You'll have the chance to go walking for hours along the coast following the old footpaths of miners and fishers, always accompanied by the blue endless sea. We advice you to follow the path from Cala Reona to Calblanque, near La Manga, a walk in which you'll admire the breathtaking views while you get surrounded by fan palms and aromatic plants. In your way you'll find old mine shafts duly marked. At the end of your journey, you'll be delighted by the beauty of unspoilt beaches in Calblanque, away from tourism activities, overcrowded cities and buildings, and surrounded by mountains. In San Javier you'll enjoy lovely summer bike rides. Thanks to the long bike lane you'll move from one place to another safely and at your own pace, feeling the breeze on your face. There are few paths as beautiful as La Mota in San Pedro del Pinatar, which goes through the waters of the Mar Menor and the salt ponds of Lo Pagán. On your way you'll find muddy areas, windmills and sand dunes and, at the end of it, you'll arrive to the point where the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Now, if you're an adventurous traveller you'll find in Mazarrón 35 signposted and prepared routes along the shore, mountain ranges and unspoilt landscapes. You'll be amazed by the Algezares gully, and the landscapes and breathtaking views of the bay from Algarrobo and Las Moreras mountain ranges. And if you're into photography, we strongly suggest visiting the abandoned mines in the area. The derelict buildings and oxide rafts are particularly impressive. In Águilas we recommend following the path going from the city to Cala Reona, which mixes up with the GR-92 route, always by the sea. On the edge of your path some surprises await you, such as three bunkers and a machine gun nest, a reminder of less civilized times and, at the same time, one of the most stunning attractions for tourists and curious travellers. You will also find various straw cookers signposted by informative signs.
Let us surprise you with a very special, different, haunting visit for the whole family. We're not the only ones to find it appealing - last year, the Repsol Guide included Castillos defense battery among the best places to visit in Spain. You get inside this defensive settlement -located in Cabo Tiñoso, near Cartagena- through a portico resembling a medieval castle. Once you are inside, you'll find some wonders such as tunnels, moats, tall buildings, command and observation posts, and two impressive Vickers cannons facing the sea. But the best thing about it is the breathtaking views -the blue Cartagena bay at your feet and a view of the horizon stretching out from Escombreras to Cabo de Gata.
This time, we suggest replacing seawater and the calm of the seashore with fresh water, excitement and amusement in Aqua Natura. You'll enjoy with your friends or family the water attractions of a theme park located in the capital, only a few kilometres away from the beach. Toboggans, pools, dips and more will make up a day full of experiences and laughter. And if you want to have a spectacular close of your day, at the end of it you can change your swimsuit for a flashlight and go for a nighttime safari in Terra Natura Murcia, a big zoo where you'll be able to watch fierce lions, elephants and exotic birds among many other species. There are a number of places where you can have a meal, from a restaurant where you can taste exotic meats and bushmeats while you're being observed through big windows by a group of lions, to a chiringuito -refreshment stall- where storks, ducks and carps will liven your lunch time up. But if you are a picnic lover, you might want to lay down in the rest area while gazing at the Iberian wolves. Finally, try the best cocktails while watching giraffes, hippos and zebras in their habitat. It will be like traveling to Africa for a day.
Leave your phone on the beach and dive into the water to discover a paradise under the sea. There are courses for every level so that no one will miss this sea world, considered outstanding by many expert divers. The wonders of the marine flora and fauna of Cabo Cope, in Águilas, are a must see. Besides, you'll find on the sea bed sunken ships and little boats. Discover all this following the previously marked routes. Mazarrón is another paradise for divers in the Region. Its crystal-clear waters and its biodiversity turn the area into a perfect place both for initiations and professional immersions. The star of this marine paradise is a majestic Phoenician boat -Barco Fenicio- living in the silence of the depths. You can also swim along fish banks in another place of great prestige among the divers -the marine reserve Reserva Marina de Cabo de Palos e Islas Hormigas, near La Manga. Sunken boats, multi-coloured landscapes, and a wide variety of sea inhabitants live in the depths of this area.
Cabo de Palos, next to La Manga, is a fishing village perfect for a one day getaway. The area is known for its surroundings -away from the crowds- and its wonderful sea depths, but also for its Sunday market. There's no better plan than wandering about the stalls, finding bargains, enjoying the seaside atmosphere and tasting a typical delicious plate of caldero rice in Paseo de La Barra, by the seaside. And let us give you a tip -if you follow the seafront promenade you'll arrive to the astounding lighthouse of the village, formerly used as a school for lighthouse-keepers. It's one of the best spots to gaze at the Mediterranean horizon.
In the town centre of Mazarrón, on a little hill surrounded by the most important buildings of the town, you'll find the ruins of Los Vélez Castle, a military fortress from the 15th century commissioned by the Marquises of Fajardo. Due to its high position, it's a perfect place to have a look on the beautiful village's old town. And we can keep boasting about spots with breathtaking views. In Águilas, from the viewpoint Hornillo de Águilas, you'll have a panoramic view of the quay of minerals from the 19th century and, in front of it, the island Isla del Fraile. This island is well-known for the extraordinary sea beds of its sustainable diving park Parque de Ecobuceo, and also for the remains of a Roman fish salting factory, where the Roman Garum fish sauce was produced. Next to the beach you'll find Rincón del Casuco, one of the most charming spots of the city. A great stairway with thousands of blue tiles put by hand in Gaudí's style is the first thing you'll see. Follow the colourful floor tiles and you'll arrive to a terrace where we promise you'll have an unforgettable time. The best views of La Manga, including the sight of both seas -the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor- and their islands, can be admired from any of its viewpoints: two of them in Monte Blanco, another one in the beach Playa Matas Gordas and the last one in the area of El Estacio. But if you really want to afford the very best views possible of the Mar Menor, we invite you to climb the hill Monte del Cabezo de San Ginés de la Jara, reached via the strait Estrecho de San Ginés, or the hill Cabezo de La Fuente de los Belones. Both routes are within reach for those who love walking and enjoying nature.
We know that during your holidays you'll have time for everything, so we suggest joining the colourful and devotional religious pilgrimage of Virgen del Carmen, which takes place every 16th July in Lo Pagán. Awaken your hidden feelings in this event with tens of rowboats invading the sea in order to honour the Patron Saint of the Fishers. This pilgrimage across the Mar Menor tints its waters with colour and excitement -no wonder that every year it's joined by more and more tourists and locals. The 15th August is a feast day in Los Alcázares, where at sunset there is another sea procession honouring the patron saint Virgen de la Asunción. And you mustn't leave the village without attending the event International Week of the Huerta and Sea, held at mid-month and where you can savor vegetable gardens' and sea gastronomy while enjoying tradition and folklore. On the other hand, the Summer Carnival of Mazarrón is a must go for those who love dressing up. Troupes from all corners of the Region meet in this town and create an atmosphere of colour and fun lasting all night. Religious devotion, tradition, gastronomy, folklore and lots of fun all united in the Region and taking place at the same time. We offer all the plans and you only have to choose.
Mar Menor goers are aware that at any time they might witness an impressive spectacle over their heads. Fighter planes of Patrulla Águila, based in the Spanish Air Force Academy in San Javier, perform acrobatics defying the laws of physics to delight everyone lucky enough to be there. Once you have spotted them you'll not be able to keep your eyes off the sky. The Museo de Historia Local -Local History Museum-, in San Javier, is the best place to learn about aviation development. On the other hand, the Museo Aeronáutico Municipal -Local Aeronautic Museum-, in Los Alcázares, is devoted to the history of the first Spanish seaplanes base. The base was essential for Spanish military aeronautics in the first half of the 20th century. Weapons, military clothing, aircraft propellers, anti-aircraft guns, hundreds of pictures and great names are all part of one of the most complete collections of military aviation in the world.
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