What is EuroVelo?

A route designed for those who want to be active whilst connecting with nature at its purest and discovering landscapes which don't require filters. EuroVelo is a network of 17 long-distance cycling routes which invite you to live an unforgettable experience.

Objectives of EuroVelo

The objectives of the EuroVelo network are:
- To promote sustainable travel and tourism, encouraging economic, environmental and social care.
- To guarantee the development of high-quality European cycling routes in the all countries of Europe, collecting the best European practices in order to implement them across the continent, harmonising the standards on all routes.
- To promote the brand and name of the EuroVelo routes in agreement with the published standards.
- To provide information across Europe about the EuroVelo route network and national cycle routes.
- To support the development of national co-ordination centres for the EuroVelo route and national routes.
- To encourage the exchange of information, experiences and best practice between European states and regions, stimulating strategies and infrastructures for high-quality cycling tourism.
- To publicise the existence of these routes among those responsible for decision-making and potential users, as well as promoting and commercialising their use, and to provide an important port of call for obtaining information about cycling in Europe.
- The aim is to support the highest possible number of European citizens to try cycling and in this way promote a change towards healthy, sustainable trips, both for daily mobility and cycling tourism.

The implementation and quality guarantee of EuroVelo are coordinated by the European Cyclists' Federation in collaboration with EuroVelo Coordinators and Coordination Centres (C/CCEV). In Spain, the CCEV is included in ConBici - Coordinator for the Defence of the Bicycle, which joins together 65 cycling associations and collectives across Spain.

More information about EuroVelo

EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean Route

Discovering Europe by bicycle is possible thanks to this Mediterranean Route. The Mediterranean Route extends from Andalusia to Cyprus with a total length of 7,500 km in 15 sections. It extends from the beaches of Andalusia to the beautiful island of Cyprus, on the way covering the coast of Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

All the countries located along the European shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea have something in common: the same sentiment which unites countries as different as Spain, Croatia and Cyprus. Along the route, cycling tourists will discover all kinds of cultural events, become immersed in European history and taste regional delicacies. They¿ll also marvel at the unique natural heritage which borders the Mediterranean Sea.

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EuroVelo as it passes through the Region of Murcia

The Region of Murcia has hidden secrets for cycling tourism. The section of the EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route as it passes through the region will allow you to discover a wide variety of roads, trails, cycle lanes and mountain passes in order to enjoy cycling. With a unique climate, ideal for the spring and autumn season, you¿ll discover different environments on the 217 kilometres of these 6 stages. From sea views in the areas of Águilas and Lomo Bas, the unforgettable experience of following a trail parallel to the sea in Bolnuevo in Mazarrón, the sensation of pedalling next to the Mar Menor, the safety of the cycle lanes of San Javier or San Pedro de Pinatar, where you¿ll be able to contemplate their salt marshes and sandbanks, kilometres skirting beaches, passing through a mountain environment, climbing the Garruchal, or going deeper into different sections of vías verdes (greenways), freewheeling without traffic and on quiet dirt paths, among the trees and native vegetation. These are some of the many experiences you¿ll discover on the EuroVelo 8 route in the Region of Murcia. A proposal of 6 stages, which can be longer or shorter depending on your level.

And all this with the essence of the EuroVelo network, to encourage sustainable tourism by means of bicycles, in a comfortable, safe and environmentally-friendly way.

STAGE 16 Region boundary - Águilas (6.4 km)
STAGE 17 Águilas - Puerto de Mazarrón (53.2 km)
STAGE 18 Puerto de Mazarrón - Cartagena (37.2 km)
STAGE 19 Cartagena - San Pedro del Pinatar (58.2 km)
STAGE 20 San Pedro del Pinatar - Murcia (48.5 km)
STAGE 21 Murcia - Region boundary (14.6 km)


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