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Willkommen im Instituto Hispánico de Murcia, der einzigen Spanischsprachschule für Ausländer in Murcia, mit Erfahrung von mehr als 20 Jahren.
Warum mit uns lernen? Alle Spanisch-Schulen bieten etwas Offensichtliches an: Kurse von hoher Qualität, erfahrene Lehrer, das beste Programm an sozialen Aktivitäten, die Möglichkeit das Leben zu genießen, wie es die Spanier tun… So machen wir es auch, aber wir fügen noch zwei magische Zutaten hinzu: Erfahrung und Spaß. Und weil wir Spezialisten sind, in dem was wir machen, machen wir es gut.
Das ist der Grund, warum wir die führende Sprachschule für Spanisch in Murcia sind.

All Spanish schools offer something obvious: high quality courses, experienced teachers, the opportunity of enjoying life as Spanish people do... So do we, but we add two magic ingredients: experiences & fun. And because we are specialists in what we do, we do it well!

Our students come to Murcia searching for an unforgettable life experience, an excellent small language school and great sunny weather all year round. You will not encounter overcrowded British resorts like Alicante, unsafe and big cities like Malaga or Valencia. Neither will you be spoken to in other languages like Catalan in Barcelona.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for that, Instituto Hispánico de Murcia is more than happy to recommend some other language schools!

Language programmes

All our Spanish courses are scheduled year around. The minimum course duration is one week and even with this short stay you are assured a maximum of 9 students (with classes average 5 students).

In all courses we study the basic language skills individually: reading, writing, speaking and listening, then we work to integrate them. In addition to these skills we also emphasize grammatical structure to help the student reach an optimum threshold of communicative proficiency. Additionally to broaden the student's general perspective, we offer the possibility of studying distinct facets of Spanish culture, including history, art, civilization, literature, cinema, and more. We feel that immersion language learning is a dynamic process that the students are living within the Spanish culture.



Selected host families or students' flats located 20 minutes walking distance from the school, so you will not need public transport.


Calle Enrique Villar 13
30008 MURCIA
Telefon: +34 968 900 325

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