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For Free


There are endless prizes to be won! Still standing there with your arms crossed? Why don't you cross your fingers and take part in our raffles? Holidays, weekend stays, getaways... Enjoy yourself!
The aim of these rules is to regulate and establish the procedures of the contest by which INSTITUTO DE TURISMO DE LA REGIÓN DE MURCIA, with Spanish Company Tax Code (CIF) No. Q-3000763-G and functionally assigned to the Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Medio Ambiente -Regional Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment-, will raffle one free stay in the Region of Murcia among the persons who previously register at the portal

1. This prize draw is open to all natural persons of legal age, who are not residents of the Region of Murcia, complying with the requirements of these rules and who register from the 1st of September to the 1st of October 2017.

2. Only persons who have correctly fulfilled the required details and accept the contest rules will be accepted. Only one entry per person and without any false or wrong details is allowed. The persons taking part commit themselves not to unsubscribe from the files of 'BBDD ITREM' at at least during the twelve months following the prize draw celebration.

3. The stay and establishment to be raffled are all in the territory of the Region of Murcia.

4. Entering this prize draw does not mean the obligation to buy or the hiring of any services.

5. The prize draw will be celebrated on the 10th of October 2017 at the headquarters of Instituto de Turismo Región de Murcia, situated in Avenida Juana Jugán nº 2 (Edificio CCT), 30006 - Murcia (Spain). The prize draw will be held with an IT application by which the winner will be selected totally at random.

6. The winner will be informed via the e-mail address provided in the entry form.

7. As a necessary condition to obtain the prize, the winner must answer by e-mail, within 15 calendar days from date of notice about the results of the prize draw, providing his/her personal details, whole postal address and a contact telephone number (if not previously provided in the entry form), as well as expressly accepting the receipt of the prize and the broadcasting (online and offline media) of his/her winner status, which includes video, photo, personal interview, etc., expressly refusing to request any kind of compensation for the broadcasting of the aforesaid images and videos.

Likewise, as a necessary condition to obtain the prize, the winner must send within the set period the documentation, issued by the relevant public authority, which guarantees that the aforementioned winner is not a resident of Spain, and that this non-resident status has been kept at least from September 2017 to September 2018.

8. Once the answer confirming acceptance of the prize, together with the documentation laid down in the previous point, has been received from the winner, Instituto de Turismo will inform the aforementioned winner about how to exchange the prize and what procedures he/she will have to go through.

9. If there is no express answer from the winner and/or he or she does not prove his or her status of non-resident of the Region of Murcia in the time and manner specified earlier, Instituto de Turismo will celebrate a new prize draw until a winner fulfilling all the contest requirements is found.

10. The prize depends on availability and can be enjoyed from the 1st of November to the 30th of December 2017.

11. The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged by money or another benefit in any case. It is assumed that, if the prize is not enjoyed in the manner established by these rules, the winner gives up.

12. In accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 on the protection of personal data (LOPD), we hereby inform you that the data you voluntarily provide to us by means of this form have a confidential character to us and will be included in two files: one of them, called 'BBDD ITREM' 'ITREM'S Databases-, is of private ownership, and the other one, called 'Portal turístico regional' is of public ownership; their owners and maintenance responsible parties are, respectively, the regional business institute "Instituto de Turismo de la Región de Murcia" and the 'Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Medio Ambiente', both of them of the Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia "Región de Murcia Autonomous Region". You can exercise your right to access, correct, cancel and object to the treatment of your data in the terms and conditions established by this LOPD. You can also exercise this right simultaneously in both files through this contact form. The aim of this data collection is advertising and promotion of tourism in the Region of Murcia and the aforesaid data can be used for that aim both by the 'Instituto de Turismo de la Región de Murcia' dependent of the General Administration of the Region of Murcia Autonomous Region and functionally assigned to the 'Consejeria de Turismo, Cultura y Medio Ambiente' as well as by the Spanish Tourist Office that the Autonomous Estate Organization 'Instituto de Turismo de España' (TourSpain) has in Holland to whom this data will be given. The aforesaid data can also be handed over by the parties responsible of the files to other entities which collaborate with them, but only with the same aim of advertising and promoting of the Region of Murcia, and with the previous notice established by article 27 of the LOPD. The 'Instituto de Turismo de la Región de Murcia' expresses its commitment to comply in full meticulousness with the prescriptions and obligations of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December, on the protection of personal data.

The prize draw includes a stay for 2 people in the Costa Cálida-Region of Murcia (Spain) with the following characteristics:

-             4 nights in a double room with breakfast included in a 4* hotel in Cartagena town (Region of Murcia). Stay from Wednesday to Sunday and subject to availability and prior booking.
-             1 Cultural-gastronomy experience around Cartagena for 2 people
-             Flights and transfers from the San Javier airport (SJV) to the hotel for 2 people.

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