Sima de la Higuera



The Sima de la Higuera (Cave of the Fig Tree) in the municipality of Pliego, is the largest cave system known in the Region of Murcia's subsoil.
More than 5,500 meters long, it features some very special characteristics due to its "hypogenic" (formed in the interior of the earth) nature.
Its entrance is located in Monte del Cabezo y Cuesta de Aledo, at an elevation of 485 meters, next to a fig tree, for which it was named.
In it some unique speleothems (types of formations in the cavity due to mineral deposits, such as stalactites and stalagmites) have developed, as well as a whole series of "hypogenic" cavities of hydrothermal origin, among the most representative in Europe.
The type of karst system present here can only be found in 5-10% of the caves on the entire planet, with morphologies and structural features of worldwide interest, such as its double cone or "Paradise" chamber.
A proposal is currently being advanced for the classification of its more than 22 hectares as a Natural Monument.  


Visitable, pending authorization on the website:

Type: Monumento Natural

How to Arrive?

In Pliego

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