Parque Arqueológico Los Cipreses


The Archaeological Park "Los Cipreses", inaugurated in 2004, turns this site into the first village of El Argar in the musealized plain of the Iberian Peninsula and into one of the most outstanding within the prehistory of the Spanish Southeast.
This park also recreates the vegetal environment that could have existed in Lorca 4000 years ago.
The archaeological site of Los Cipreses belongs to the culture of El Argar (Bronze Age) that developed in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula between 2200 and 1500 BC.

The village is situated on a gentle slope with isolated houses without any kind of defensive construction. The horseshoe-shaped houses served as housing, a place of work and a cemetery, and inside were the home, the loom, the mills, the storage jars, the tombs and a whole series of objects that allow archaeologists to reconstruct the way of life in this settlement.

The burials were carried out in stone boxes (called cistas) and in jars, where the body was introduced bent and accompanied by metal objects (tools and weapons), personal adornment (earrings, bracelets...), ceramic vessels and food.
During the visit to the Archaeological Park "Los Cipreses" you can see six houses, thirteen tombs and a didactic area where one of the houses has been reproduced, several cist burials and a space for the practice of milling the cereal.


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