Villa Romana de Los Villaricos

Paraje Arreaque, carretera del Embalse de la Cierva
30170 MULA
Telephone: +34 968 661 501

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The Roman conquest of the Iberian Peninsula brought a new settlement pattern in rural areas known as villas. "Villaricos" is a single-family unit for agricultural exploitation. The villa is divided into the place of residence with a thermal area and the working area with a wine press and an olive mill.Once the villa was abandoned, it was used for religious purposes with a Basilica and a graveyard built by the first Christians.



The biggest oil mill excavated in Spain is in " Los Villaricos".

Toilets available.


Guided tours. Booking in advance in the tourism office, telephone number: 968661501.

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How to Arrive?

In Mula

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