Teatro Thuillier

C/ del Teatro, s/n
Telephone: +34 968 702 000 (extensión 8104)
e-mail: areadecultura@caravacadelacruz.es

How to arrive


The passing of time allowed for the site occupied by the old house-hospital of the Brothers of St. John of God to turn into Patio de Comedias. In the same place, the Thuiller theatre was built in 1843. Since this date, there have been several renovations, some to protect against deterioration and others to adapt to the new necessities that came with the addition of film screenings at these locations. The most recent remodelling, by architects Joaquím and Manuel Sainz de Vicuña, took place in 1986. The capacity of the theatre is 428 seats.

How to Arrive?

In Caravaca de La Cruz

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