Teatro Cervantes

C/ Doctor Molina, 79
30550 ABARÁN
Telephone: +34 968 770 040 / 968 770 171 / Fax: +34 968 770 555

How to arrive


The Teatro Cervantes was inaugurated on September 26, 1926 and was built over the Cinema Cervantes building. Its architect was José Antonio Rodríguez and it was one of the first buildings in the region built with an iron frame which made it earthquake-proof. Its boxes’ rails were identical to the ones in Teatro Romea; the most significant theatre in Murcia City Centre. From the ceiling a gigantic lamp hung, which was painted by Vicente Pastor. In the curtain lies an allegory of nymphs and women dressed in light tunics amongst the shadows of leafy trees. At the top there is a portrait of Miguel de Cervantes and a canvas with scenes from Don Quixote.

After almost sixty years, on June 4, 1984, Teatro Cervantes closed down. Its reinauguration took place on September 26, 2000. By then, the building was totally restored and it resumed its cultural activity.

How to Arrive?

In Abarán

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