Sinagoga y Judería del Castillo de Lorca

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The recent discovery of the Jewish quarter of Lorca in 2003 is exceptional because of its state of conservation and because it has offered important archaeological information to better understand this type of buildings in the 15th century.

The Synagogue of Lorca presents a rectangular floor plan with two open entrances to a patio. One of which allows access to a vestibule where a pool is located to perform the ablutions prior to prayer, and connects with a large meeting room surrounded by benches attached to the walls, where remains of the Holy Ark are preserved (arón ha -qodesh) and the reading platform (bimá), as well as the space between them (Via Sacra). To the gallery of women (matroneum) arranged aloft was accessed by a third entrance.

It is also noteworthy the discovery of multiple glass fragments that have allowed to reconstruct twenty lamps with which this building was illuminated.


The visit is included within the thematic space Fortaleza del Sol - Castillo de Lorca.


Castillo de Lorca
30800 LORCA
Telephone: +34 968 479 003

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July and August

Guided tours: 11:30h, 13:30h, 18:30h and 20:30 h

More info:

  T. 968 479 003



Price: 4 euros + entrance to the Fortaleza del Sol. Children under 12 years old do not pay.



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