Sinagoga y Judería del Castillo de Lorca

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Castillo de Lorca
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Archaeological Park of the Castle and Synagogue
In medieval Lorca the castle, and under the protection of the Alfonsina Tower, housed the city's Jewish quarter. Excavations in this quarter have revealed what the Jewish houses of the time were like, with a rectangular floor plan, compartmentalised into rooms, and in which spaces can be identified for living rooms, kitchens, storerooms and other rooms that house different uses, as well as benches attached to the wall, jars, cupboards, raised bedrooms, etc.

In the Jewish quarter of Lorca, the Hebrews established their synagogue, an exceptional example of Jewish religious art in Spain. The temple was built underground because according to the laws of the time it could not exceed the height of the churches and this, together with the fact that it was never converted into a Christian temple, has allowed the synagogue to be preserved in an exceptional state.

The Archaeological Park of the Castle of Lorca has been conceived as a space to enjoy the finds excavated in the Jewish quarter through a walk through the streets of the archaeological remains of the Jewish quarter, discovering what their houses, their offices and traditions were like, and the feeling of Jewish spirituality with a visit to their exceptional synagogue.

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Free entrance to the walled enclosure.


4€ Adults and children over 13 years old.
3.50€ Reduced rate.
Free for Lorca y Tú card holders.

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