Iglesia de San Miguel Arcángel

Pza. del Ayuntamiento
30170 MULA
Telephone: +34 968 660 464

How to arrive


San Miguel Arcangel´s church became too small in the sixteenth century. 

The increase of population was considerable so the council had to expand it. They had to choose a new location. The construction began in the XVI century and the works lasted two centuries. It is located in the Town Hall square.

Its construction suffered some ups and downs such as shortage, depression and epidemics which devastated the villa during the seventeenth century. All this made the works were slower or even stopped.

In the early XVIII century , the means to finish the church were managed. There are two different constructive periods for example the striking side entrance contrasts with the main facade which is very simple and unfinished. Some gargoyles put out the eaves in the oldest part of the church.

Among the church goods, it can be emphasized its painting collection characterized by  a great theme variety, an extensive cronology and the quality of the paintings. All of them donated by Canal-Blaya family.




Inside , we can see the Marquis of "Los Vélez" crypt.


Mass time.

How to Arrive?

In Mula

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