Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

Pza. de la Iglesia, 14
Telephone: +34 968 670 118 y 968 670 176
e-mail: sanjuanbautista@lycos.es

How to arrive


Built between 1770 and 1789 thanks to the efforts of all the neighbours who collaborated in its construction, its composition is Baroque, although the simplicity and sobriety of the façade praises the Academic Art of the 19th century. Built with exposed brick and ashlar skirting, it is evident that it was not finished given the absence of a twin tower. The inside is a basilical ground plan with a hemispherical dome and side aisles, with a smaller height it connects with the central nave with semicircular arches. The original altarpiece, together with all the images, was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, while the current one, which imitates the Gothic ones, was built by Juan Fernández. Among the sculptures of the different altars we must mention the Virgin of Sorrows by Juan González Moreno, the Crucified Christ by Enrique Salas and the Jesús Nazareno, work of Carrillo, together with the image of la Virgin of the Rosary, carved in wood, the Virgin of Carmen y and the Piety.

How to Arrive?

In Archena

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