Fuerte de Navidad y Centro de Interpretación de la Arquitectura Defensiva


The Fuerte de Navidad is very important for its strategic situation within the defensive system of the bay of Cartagena. It is situated southwest of the bay, occupying a dominant position close to sea level in order to monitor and flank easily the mouth of the harbour.

Built in the middle of the 19th century, the Fuerte de Navidad is a key element in the set and historical place that represents the western part of the entrance to the harbour of Cartagena. It is an architectural landmark that amalgamates and dominates the whole environment.

The battery consists of a series of eight casemates which are connected through a central courtyard. The terrace is above these rooms. Visitors can access the terrace by taking the spiral staircases located at both ends.

The battery is angular, similar to the faces of a bulwark, with a curved vertex which faces the sea.

The route is set in different rooms with the help of panels, recreations, scale models, and supports. These explain the port of Cartagena and its defensive configuration, and how this defensive system has developed throughout the years since its antiquity.

Furthermore, you can also find various vintage items, for example: a cannon, garments and props, as well as an area dedicated for children’s games, designed for learning and entertaining. 


Faro de Navidad
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