Casa Romana de la Fortuna


Casa de la Fortuna offers us a view of domestic life in the Roman period through the different rooms that make up their structure. These are the tablinum or reception room, the cubicula or bedrooms, the triclinium or banquet hall, and the atrium. We can also enjoy some discoveries such as a herm, crockery, paintings, ceramics, coins, jewellery, oil lamps, and weights, which help us to create an idea of the customs and the culture from the era.

Casa de la Fortuna accommodates the remains of a complete Roman home, brought to light in the year 2000. The construction of this home dates from the end of the 1st century BC, coinciding with an important process of urban renovation. This transformation process reaches its highest point in the Augustan era with the construction of the theatre and the remodeling of the forum.

The house had a 2200 sq ft extension and belonged to an affluent family, given that this type of single family home (domus) would usually be the residence of the wealthiest classes. On the other hand, working-class families used to live in rented homes (insulae) in blocks of buildings of different heights.
Located at the rear of Casa de la Fortuna, we can enjoy a street paved with large irregular slabs of gray limestone and sidewalk curbs bordered by sandstone. Recent archaeological works have uncovered a sophisticated sewer and canalization system that can be seen through a translucent glass.

You can access the house from the street through two steps which separate the road and the rear door of the house (posticum), giving way to a corridor with a mortar pavement decorated with tesserae.

Of all the findings that can be admired in Casa de la Fortuna, its mural paintings and mosaics are the most important. The pictorial panels stand out for their chromatism and beauty. They are highly ornamented with multiple motifs, from rhomboids, stars and swastikas to designs which symbolize elements of nature and mythology.

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