Casa Cabrera

Pza. Corazón de Jesús

How to arrive


A Manorial house from the 17th century where the Commander of the Calatrava Order resided and administered the taxes which were paid to the Casa de la Encomienda. Later on, with the confiscations that occurred during the time, the Casa Cabrera changed to private hands until the present day.

On its splendid facade, in a very rich Baroque style, lies the Cabreras coat of arms (hence the name) and a small image of the Virgen de las Angustias.

Originally it occupied the entire block, which was about 1800 m from the current 600 m. Behind its walls there were gardens, chapels, burials and even well concealed hideouts, as well as a passageway which led to the church.

How to Arrive?

In Abanilla

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