Centro de Interpretación de la Luz y El Agua

Avenida del Río Segura, s/n
30540 BLANCA
Telephone: +34 968 775 093

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This center is located in the banks of the river Segura, using the old hydroelectric factory, the building that for 25 years has been motor of development of the population in Blanca known as "The factory of light".
Its aim is to present the historical process to make the most with water, The hydraulic inventions that are shown in this centre are related to the geography of Blanca.

The idea of this exhibition is to show the visitors the historical origins of these inventions, to motivate them to think about the different uses of water and how they can vary in different cultures. A very significant space in this centre is taken by a recreation of the river Segura in Blanca, and all the possible uses of water there: water wheels, the public washing area, electrical elevators for irrigation or consumption and the "Factory of the light"


From Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00 a 14.00 h

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