Pinturas Rupestres Neolíticas

Peña Rubia
Telephone: +34 968 723 550 / Fax: +34 968 723 555

How to arrive


These are cave paintings of Levantine art. Their peculiarity is that they were drawn in the interior cavities of three caves in the Peña Rubia mountain, to the southwest of Cehegín. They are specifically the Cueva de las Palomas, the Cueva de Las Conchas and the Cueva del Humo. They belong to the Eneolithic period, and all the figures were made in light red.


UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998. NEAREST HEALTH CENTRE: 3 km away.


To arrange a visit, please call the Archaeological Museum on 968 742 525 well in advance. 

How to Arrive?

In Cehegín

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