Free travel insurance including Covid-19 cover in the Region of Murcia

The purpose of this complimentary travel insurance is to provide security and confidence to all tourists who visit and stay in any regulated tourist establishment in the Costa Cálida - Region of Murcia.

Discover our travel insurance that provides cover in the case of a Covid-19 infection for national and international tourists who travel to the Region of Murcia.

Travel to the Region of Murcia safely!

Covid Insurance Information Brochure
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Who is it for?To all Spanish national and foreign international travellers of any age not residing in the Region of Murcia and staying in a regulated tourist accommodation . The policyholder is the Institute of Tourism for the Region of Murcia and the beneficiaries would be the tourists themselves, since they will be automatically covered by the Covid-19 insurance policy as soon as they have checked in at a regulated accommodation in the Region of Murcia.

For international tourists the coverage is for any general accidents and common illnesses including Covid-19. Spanish residents will be only covered for costs associated with a Covid-19 infection

Coverage dates commence from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022

Expenses included for national and international tourists non-residenst in the Region of Murcia are:
Medical and pharmaceutical expenses, transport costs incurred and expenses for an extension of stay at your chosen tourist accomodation

Insurance franchise of EUR 50 is established.

Medical and pharmaceutical expenses

a) Medical and surgical expenses and related fees, including the costs of Covid-19 tests (provided the test result is positive).

b) The pharmaceutical expenses necessary for medical prescriptions and the treatment of pathologies covered by this policy.

c) Hospitalisation expenses.


With regards to transportation or medical repatriation in the event of a positive Covid-19 case for the insured, non-resident national or non-resident foreign visitor, the insurer will cover the following:

a) The cost of transportation by ambulance to the nearest clinic or hospital.
b) The travel expenses from the place where the treatment is first given to the patient by the most appropriate means of transport, to the hospital or to his/her habitual residence. In the event of hospitalisation , the insurer will accept charges for the insured' after medical discharge and the subsequent transfer to the habitual residence or to their chosen tourist accommodation.

*The means of transport used will be organised according to the pathology and wellbeing of the insured. When the urgency and seriousness of a medical case so requires, repatriation or return to their home country, this may be carried out by special medical assisted plane if the patient resides in Europe or countries bordering the Mediterranean. In any other place outside the EU or UK, it will be carried out by a scheduled plane service.

Transportation or repatriation of the insured:
a) When one or more of the insured has been transferred or repatriated in accordance with the guarantee of transport due to injury or sickness, the insurer will assume the cost of transport for patients family unit. The insurer will also assume the cost for a non-family companion and their return to the place of their habitual residence or to the place where the transferred or repatriated patient is hospitalised or their subsequent transfer to their home. The insurer is subrogated to the rights of the insured for the originally planned return tickets.

If the insured referred to in the previous paragraph is under the age of 15 or disabled and does not have a relative or trusted person to accompany them on their trip, the insurer will make someone available to them so that they are accompanied during their travel to their place of residence or to where the insured is hospitalised.

b) In the event that the insured, once his/her wellbeing has been restored (under the supervision of the medical team), is allowed to continue with their original travel plan, the insurer will bear the expenses of the said reincorporation to the insure's travel plans. Companions will also be assisted if required.

Transportation or repatriation of deceased:
a) The insurer will take care of all necessary formalities to be carried out at the place of death of the insured, as well as the transportation or repatriation of the deceased to their place of burial or habitual residence.

b) The insurer will take charge of the transportation of the companions of the insured's family unit, as defined in this document, or of a non-family companion, to the place of burial. Likewise, the insurer is subrogated to the rights of the insured for the initially planned return tickets.

c) If the insured companions are under 15 years of age or disabled and do not have a relative or trusted person to accompany them on the trip, the insurer will make someone available to travel with them to the place of burial.

Expenses for extension of stay

Expenses of prolonging the stay in the insured's hotel and / or insured companions * (included in case of isolation or quarantine) will be covered.

Where there are medical expenses or the provision of assistance and always with evidence of a medical prescription, the insurer will be responsible for the expenses of prolonging the stay of the insured and / or insured companions in a tourist establishment.

The insurer will also cater for expenses that arise following hospitalisation and / or under medical prescription, up to the maximum amount established in the coverage chart.

This coverage will also be provided by the insurer when the insured and / or companions have to quarantine following the advice of the health authorities, even if there has been no application of payment of medical expenses, as long as there is proven evidence of the disease and further risk due to contact.

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