Playa El Hornillo

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Urban beach located in the eastern limit of the city, open to the East but protected by Isla del Fraile. This beach goes alongside a coastline which is located between the old mineral loading bay of El Hornillo and the sea close to El Fraile. A uniform way in to the beach and a sandy bottom.

Length: 500 m
Average width: 30 m
Sea: Mediterranean Sea
Sand: Medium sand
Influx of visitors: High
Parking conditions: On the road
How to get there:

It is located in the old city, urbanization el Hornillo. Parking next to the beach.

Servicios y actividades
Bathing area marked with buoys, footbath, litter bins, ramps, toilets, walkways. .
24-hour emergency phone number: 112

How to Arrive?

In Águilas

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