Playa de La Cañada del Negro

Admite el baño con perros

EL COCÓN (Águilas)


Semi-urban beach. Dog friendly beach.

Users Rules
Dogs must be licensed, vaccinated and inmunnized.
Dogs of Potentially Dangerous Breeds must be muzzled.
Dogs must be under voice control or be in sigth of ther owner.
No spike or prong collar.
Clean up after your dog poop.
Place your garbage and doog poop in containers.

Length: 150 m
Average width: 19 m
Sea: Mediterranean Sea
Sand: Boulders
Parking conditions: Undefined
How to get there:

N-332 (Carretera de Vera), Playa Cañada del Negro. The access to the cost is through a non-asphalted road.

Servicios y actividades
Admite perros. .
24-hour emergency phone number: 112

How to Arrive?

In Águilas

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