Iglesia de San Juan Evangelista

Plaza de la Iglesia, s/n
30540 BLANCA
Telephone: +34 968 778 291

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The primitive Iglesia de Saint John the Evangelist was built in 1508 on top of an old Mudejar mosque.

Its reconstruction at the end of the 18th century gave the temple its actual appearance. The reconstruction was carried out by the brothers who were stone-carvers, Lucas and Antonio de Lastra. The temple is characterized by its modest and severe Baroque aspect, unlike its magnificence in the 18th century.

It is a temple of rectangular plant, with three naves. The central nave is covered with a sail vault and the side aisles with a barrel vault with lunettes. The headboard is covered with a simple barrel vault and transept with semi-dome on pendentives in which four oculus are opened. The chapel of the Baptistery is covered with groin vault.

This headboard is covered with the same material used for the altar table: white and cream marble. In the alcove you can find the carving of Saint John Evangelist, made in 1942 by Tomás Paredes.

The fresco paintings that decorate the church were painted in 1968 by the painter Manuel Muñoz Barberán from Lorca. The dome symbolises the Assumption of the Virgin. On the cover of the headboard the Apocalypse is shown, while in the pendentives of the Evangelists Saint Luke and Saint John are represented.

The high altar is presided over by the great altarpiece painted in 1978 and another altarpiece made of marble where the sculpture of the patron saint of the church is housed.

The Virgin of Sorrows is also highlighted, patron saint of the town, which is a statue by José Ponsoda Bravo, compiled of photos of the original one which was destroyed during the Civil War.

The figure of the Nazarene of José Sánchez Lozano should also be mentioned, the followers of Salzillo. It is a carving made ¿¿in polychrome wood.

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