Decumano Plaza de los Tres Reyes


Throughout the Decumano you will be able to relive the daily life in the streets of a Roman town: the noise of their shops under the arcade, the comings and goings of the people between the harbour and the forum... Discover how the ancient inhabitants of Carthago Nova structured and used their baths and their rooms. Rebuild the buildings that surround the Decumano and its surrounding environment. Go in depth into a history that enriches your knowledge about the ancient world.

These traces are found in Plaza de los Tres Reyes and were discovered in excavations in 1968.

It is a stretch of a road of the ancient Carthago Nova, which linked, from East to West, the harbour with the forum, making it one of the main arteries of the major Roman city, named “Decumano Maximo” by its inhabitants.

The archaeological site

Under the road, there is a central sewage system, which contained the drainage channels of the neighborhood buildings.

The Arcade

Next to the street, alongside one of its pavements, you can see part of an arcade.

It served as a shopping area as well as pedestrian traffic. Additionally, remains of two commercial establishments called Tabernae have also been found.

The Baths

On the other pavement, we can see evidences of what a public building looked like, particularly baths, which extend through the underground surrounding streets. In this building, remains of the following rooms have been preserved: the caldarium, a small semicircular room where a pool with hot water can be found; the praefurnium or furnace which produced hot air for the caldarium; a room paved in pink marble; three hipocaustum, and the frigidarium or pool with cold water.

The road

The construction of the road can be dated back to the 1st century AD. However, a significant part of the pavement, along with the remains of the baths and the arcade, should be dated around the 4th and 5th centuries AD as a result of a late renovation. 


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