Cala Las Escalerillas


Small urban cove. It is located in Cabo de Palos, a peninsula 400 m wide. The seafloors surrounding the village are one of the most important natural reserves in the Mediterranean Sea. There is a bus stop and buses connecting Cartagena and La Manga -a service offered by the company Alsa- and Murcia and La Manga -a service offered by Alsina Graells-.


Length: 45 m
Average width: 10 m
Sea: Mediterranean Sea
Sand: Rocks
Influx of visitors: Low


Parking conditions: In a reserved area
How to get there: Motorway A-37 Alicante-Cartagena. Exit 800 will take you to the high-speed road MU-312 towards Playas del Mar Menor, La Manga and Cabo de Palos


24-hour emergency phone number: 112

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