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In the Northeast is al-Bayada, which means the white town in Arabic. Abanilla is known as the Murcian Palestine because of its desert landscapes, palm trees oasis and Muslim origin.


It is at the southernmost point of the region, bordering Andalusia. Águilas will captivate you with its beaches, history and Mediterranean charm. You don't need to go far if you wish to wander.


Alcantarilla is located just 5 miles away from Murcia. This town, famous for its huerta (vegetable garden), is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation and was settled by Iberians, Romans, Arabs and Christians.


Archena is crossed by the Segura River and is the entrance to the Ricote Valley. This fertile oasis surrounded by mountains is notorious for the therapeutic power of its thermal waters and for a history which dates back to the Iberian period


If there is a place where the sensitivity of the Moorish culture can still be found it is Valle the Ricote. The twisting irrigated areas, the river and a special charm make this valley a real delight for explorers and people looking for genuine ...


Bullas has been traditionally considered as the entrance to the North West of Murcia. Life in this village revolves around wine, making possible a perfect match between culture and vine, history and a green and mountainous nature


Calasparra, surrounded by four different rivers and two marshes, has one of the most amazing natural landscapes in the north-west. You will be amazed by its cave paintings, archaeological sites, culture, outdoor sports and its rice, which could ...


Caravaca de La Cruz is considered to be one of the five holy cities in the world, and a key destination for pilgrims and travellers alike who are looking for an inspiring, different and above all enjoyable place to go.


Cartagena, with more than 3,000 years of history, has been the scene of some of the most outstanding passages throughout time. This Punic, Roman, military and art nouveau city offers nowadays so many things to see and do that it has become ...

Mar Menor

The Mar Menor is -in spite of its name- Europe's biggest salt water lagoon, and it is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by La Manga, a strip of land which is 22km long. This natural setting has an idyllic microclimate and perfect conditions ...


The municipality of Cehegín is located in the heart of the north-western district. Prehistoric, Iberian, Roman, Visigoth, Arab and Christian settlers left their legacy in these landscapes with ever-changing nature, a legacy everyone enjoys


Cieza is the entrance to the North of the Region of Murcia. Full of crossroads, it keeps a rich historical legacy inherited from different cultures that have occupied its territory since the antiquity. Beautiful landscapes, festivities, cave ...


The municipality of Fortuna stands out by its vast horizons and its contrast between arid landscapes and green palm trees. The history of this land, surrounded by nature protection areas, is strongly linked with a thermal spring that's been ...


Jumilla is one of the crucial stops in the North East region. Called 'the beauty' by the Arabs, it is famous for its wines with Designation of Origin (D.O.), its gastronomy, its gardens and its Iberian, Roman and Medieval legacy.


Lorca: the city of the sun, the city of one hundred shields... or one hundred names. Whatever you may call it, it definitely stands out for being packed with monuments: a Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque city.


Mazarrón is set in a wide bay which opens up into the Mediterranean Sea. Its coast used to be visited by Phoenician traders, fishermen of every era and by former miners, who used it to unwind after their hard day's work. It's one of the best ...


Molina de Segura, surrounded by mountains, is located on the left bank of the Segura River. This destination will surprise you not only by its industrial shapes and its extraordinary landscapes but also by all the fascinating adventures on


In the far northwest of the Region of Murcia lies Moratalla, the site of the ancient legacy of the Order of Santiago knights. The silhouette of its castle stands out in a landscape of valleys and its identity has remained almost intact for ...


At 7 miles from Murcia and situated in a fertile valley, this small town of unique character is found. Mula fuses its Arab structure with noble mansions, a castle, palaces and monuments whose origin goes back to the time in which the Marquis ...


Welcome to Murcia, one of the most comfortable capital cities you can imagine. We will let you know about what you shouldn't miss in this multicultural city, where life is in the streets, and where tradition and modernity harmoniously coexist.

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