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you'll be able to see the sunrise as well as the sunset on the sea

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From the very moment when the rooster crows, it begins the neverending story of our daily routine which consists of making vital decisions: black or white coffee, with or without tie, car or public transport, keyword or mouse, yes or no... More and more possibilities appear everywhere. Thousands every day. It seems ironic that even choosing our holiday destination, where we go to relax and to break the routine, became exhausting.

To face a possible chronic syndrome of indecision, we have prepared an antidote of good reasons to come to the Region of Murcia which go beyond the typical sun and beach. The main one is that here you will find everything you need so you will not have to worry about being right. So get relax, breathe out y and enjoy every step as much as possible.

If after this you still doubtful, then you certainly need the shock treatment: come, come, come!
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Have you ever wondered why you want what you want?

Good life

This is one of those places where, as it is said, life is better. And certainly here the weather is always pleasant - 300 sunny days a year and soft temperatures even in winter -, gastronomy is tasty and Mediterranean, and life is in the street. Cities are very comfortable to move around and, if you forget your coat, your trip does not get ruined.
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Pristine beaches

In the coastal of the Region of Murcia there is a great contrast between pristine beaches and big tourist resorts. In the Mediterranean area, between Cabo de Palos and Cartagena, you will find a series of wild and untouched beaches, and in the area of MazarrónÁguilas and in the Salinas and Arenales of San Pedro. This is one of the very few places where you can baptise coves with your name... at any time of the year!
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If you are a curious person and you like going deep into history, you will not find disappointing your visit to the Region of Murcia. Through valuable monuments, temples, castles and sites, you will get immersed in the culture and tradition of every place.
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One sea into another

Have you ever been in a coast with two seas? Here you will see the sunrise and sunset over them. Both the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor have traits which make them unique. In some points of the coastal, in La Manga, for example, just a few meters separate one from each other.
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Great flavour

The gastronomy of the Region is Mediterranean and tremendously varied thanks to vegetables and fruits of the "huerta" -vegetable garden- of Region of Murcia, good offer of meat, and precious treasures of our two seas. And all, of course, thanks to the influence of great civilisations that settled the Region in the past. Real luxury.

Another real worth experience is coming in order to get to know our wine cellars, our vineyard fields and our wines. It is preferable to do it through the wine routes of JumillaYecla and Bullas.
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Because in a small space there is everything. In this sense, the Region of Murcia is like a microcontinent which offers a lot to see and a lot to do. Beaches, mountains, nature in its purest form, cities, health, culture, history, rural and indoor environments just an hour away. What do you feel like?
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For party and festival-goers...

...the Region of Murcia is a cave full of treasures. Some of the most important festivals in the world of its kind are held here, such as the the International Festival of el Cante de Las Minas of La Unión, the Festival of el Cante Flamenco de Lo Ferro of Torre Pacheco the International Jazz Festival of San Javier, La Mar de Músicas of Cartagena and the SOS. You cannot neither miss the parties, I mean, the great parties of international tourist interest as the Caballos del Vino of Caravaca, el Bando la Huerta, the Entierro de la Sardina and the Holy Week of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca.
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Healthy life

Any imaginable sport can be practiced in the Region of Murcia, on and below the ground, in the surface and depths of the sea, or even flying through the air. The relief and orography of this east corner turn it into a meeting point for sports lovers (mountaineers, hill walkers, climbers, fans of all kind of nautical sports, paragliders, etc.).
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In the Region of Murcia you will find one of the most hospitable environments of the east, people willing to welcome you always with a smile and to spend a "momentico" (a short period of time in the Spanish of this Region) to help you in all you need.
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And also...

To visit one of the five holy cities of the world, to have a bath in thermal waters under the light of the stars, to have a very cold beer with a marinera (ring-shaped pastry with Russian salad and topped with a salted anchovy).
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