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The Naval Museum of Cartagena is located on the ground floor of the building built in the 18th century as the Prisoners and Slaves Barracks, which became the Marine Instruction Barracks after the Civil War. In 2005, thanks to the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Defense and the Autonomous Community, it was remodeled to host one of the campus of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, reserving part of its space for the Naval Museum.

In 2013, the museum was expanded with the inauguration of the Isaac Peral Hall in the former Workshop of Calderería del Arsenal. After the rehabilitation of the ship, the Peral Submarine moved from the seafront to undertake its restoration and its adequate exposure to the public, becoming the main piece of the museum. In the same space, the Legacy of Isaac Peral is displayed, which contextualizes the important contribution of the Cartagena sailor to scientific and military history.

The collection offers a tour of the history of the Navy in the city of Cartagena and is divided into the following thematic areas:

- Naval building

- Navigation

- Naval artillery and portable weapons

- Naval Health

- Flags and uniforms

- Naval painting

- Marine infantry

- Diving

- Underwater weapons

- Isaac Peral Room

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Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 - 14:00h

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Free entry (3 euros Voluntary contribution)

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