Museo Molino de Teodoro

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Paraje del Estrecho. A 1 km de Cieza
30530 CIEZA
Telephone: +34 968 453 500

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This hydraulics museum is localize in the peripheries of Cieza, in the right side of the Segura river from where it took the water to moved its machines. The first document about it is from the date of 16th November of 1507 and was used in the elaboration of fluor since that time until first years of the second half of the XX Century.

This mill is know by different names through the time such as: Regidores Perpetuos at the beginning of the XVI century and at the end of this century also by the name of The Mill of the St. and later by Marín (1559), Andelma (1609) and Cebollar (1830). Since the beginningof the XX century the mill belong to the García family and is known by the name of its owner Theodoro, until nowadays.

In the ground floor is localize the machines used in the milling and there happen the following steps:

Cleaning: The wheat comes into bag to the ground floor and pass through the washing machine, the beating and the drying when lost most of its dirt like stones, straws etc, later its goes to a pit and when using an elevator goes to other machine when lost its husk and is ready to be milled.

Milling. The bag with the wheat clean are drain in the mill which is milled by big stones, the end of this process is the obtaining of semolina which through an elevator goes to the first floor to be sift.

In the first floor is localize the machines used to sift the semolina and end of this process is the obtaining of two products: The flour which is packet in bags and the rest of the semolina is divided by size using an air current and packet in bags too.

In the basement is localize the aqueduct divide into the pars by a wall and two wood water wheels in a horizontal position, which have the function to transmit the power to the machines, and in the back side of the museum is the canal where the water pass with the function to move the water wheels. 


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