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The building of the Real Parque y Maestranza de Artillería was built by order of King Carlos III. Its architecture is typical of the military constructions of the 18th century so widely represented in the city. The building was almost destroyed after being blown up at the end of the insurrection of the Cantonal War in 1874 and was not rebuilt until the beginning of the 20th century. The side façades better preserve the original appearance of the building. 

It is currently home to the Municipal Archive and the Military History Museum, which displays plans, models and documents showing the history of this weapon and its links with the city since 1508. It also houses a varied and extensive collection of artillery pieces, both field and coastal, anti-tank, anti-aircraft and mountain artillery, as well as a large quantity of ammunition, rangefinders, uniforms, souvenirs and a collection of military miniatures that has twice won the Guinness record for the number of pieces on display.


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