Museo Arqueológico Municipal la Soledad

Cuesta del Castillo, s/n. Iglesia de la Soledad
Telephone: +34 968 705 620 (Reservas) / 968 700 512 (Museo)

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The church was built in the location of the primitive church of El Salvador. It was built in the second third of the 17th century under the name of La Soledad, thanks to the patronage of Mr Pedro Muñoz Otálora, the senior lieutenant of the town. The church was designed and built by the master Juan Garzón Soriano, with the intervention of the local carpenter Sebastian de la Iglesia. Since the late 17th century, it became part of the primogeniture of the Muñoz family. During the 18th and 19th century it went to the Counts of Clavijo and Marquises of El Salar due to marriage covenants and inheritance divisions.

The Archaeological Museum is a first-rate equipment located in the historic city centre. It collects pieces of great value, as a result of the many findings in the excavations at several archaeological sites, especially those carried out in the Iberian-Roman complex of La Encarnación. In this museum we can find pottery, weapons, coins, architectural elements, etc

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