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Puerto de Mazarrón was an important economic center in late antiquity connecting the Murcian coast to fishing activity.

Next to these port facilities there was (during the 4th and 5th centuries A.D.) a large salting factory occupying a large part on the right edge of the bay.

The current museum preserves a part of the structures within this important industrial complex of the Roman period, involved in the production of salted fish and fish sauces.

The factory is declared a Site of Cultural Interest for its importance as part of the Roman settlement as well as for its extension, in addition to its contribution to knowledge of the region’s economic foundation during the Imperial Roman Era, with special transcendence in the Lower Empire.

The Salting Factory shows the importance of the fishing industries in the Roman period, when the products made by this type of companies were essential in all of the Imperial cuisine. The common and characteristic elements to all factories were the salting tanks, where the fish was macerated with salt and where they made different products such as the previously mentioned garum, the most famous of fish sauces, which reached incredibly high prices in the Roman market.

In the museum, in addition to exhibiting remains and the corresponding period of the Salting Factory a panorama of rich archaeological patrimonial pieces on Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón is offered. 


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