Torreón de los Templarios

Paraje Fuentes del Marqués

How to arrive


The fortified tower of the Templars, which now houses the Centro de Interpretación de la naturaleza, is located on the site of Fuentes del Marqués, 2 km away from the centre of Carvaca. This estate is named after its former owners, the Marquis of San Mamés, and after the natural springs. It is precisely these crystal clear waters and the surrounding nature which attract tourists to this environment.

The origins of the fortified tower are very confusing. The current fortified tower is supposed to have been built on the foundations of an earlier tower. The first known dates of building on this site are by the Arab geographer Al-Himyari (13th to 14th century).

This is an area of great scenic, cultural and ecological interest, which has retained a high level of environmental quality as a result of the favourable physical conditions of the environment and a good relationship between the human life and biotic life that sustains it.

In the area there is the council facility of the hostel Fuentes del Marques in the area.

It can be accessed from the asphalt road (Las Fuentes) that draws from Caravaca itself, approximately 2 km from there. There is also pedestrian access using El Camino de Huerto (a famous walking path in Caravaca).  

How to Arrive?

In Caravaca de La Cruz

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