Palacio Consistorial


The Palacio Consistorial is without doubt one of the most beautiful buildings of Cartagena. Showing an eclectic architecture somehow influenced by French design, it was built between 1900 and 1907 by the architects Tomás Rico and Francisco de Paula upon an ancient building of the 18th century. It was inaugurated in 1907.

This building has a triangular shape floor plant with rounded corners and present three different façades, each of them comprising abundant decorative elements: split pediments, elliptical windows, classic mouldings, female head figures or coat of arms. The construction materials used were Marble from Macael (famous quarry in Almeria) and granite from Villalba, iron and zinc.

The main façade overlooks La Plaza del Ayuntamiento (the Town Hall Square) and stands out for its portico and its dome which overhangs above the Assembly Hall. Access into the building is made through the portico, where the hall and the stairs are highlighted. The lunettes and stained glass windows which enhance the beauty of the arcade come from La Salvadora foundation from Cartagena.

In the original plans, the ground floor was set aside for judicial activities. On the upper floor were to be found the mayor¿s office, the accounting department and the municipal work office. The attic used to house the municipal archive.

Its recent restoration made it possible to provide it with structural reinforcements, reviving hence the beauty of the early 20th century as well as equipping it with technologies of the 21st century.


Pza. del Ayuntamiento, s/n
Telephone: +34 968 128 814

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Modernist, eclectic.


20th century


En Cartagena

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