Ntra. Sra. de Los Dolores Church

Avda. del Marqués de rozalejo
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Located in the district of Dolores de Pacheco and catalogued in the Regional Service of Historical Patrimony of the General Direction of Culture. It has baroque origins and some architectural elements have been added. It has a nave with intercommunicating chapels open to the central nave through semi-circular arches, an altarpiece, and an interesting niche.

At the foot of the church can be found the tower and the Chapel-Crypt of the Ayuso family, where several members of the family are buried. This chapel conserves paintings by Querubina Ayuso dated and signed in 1887.

In 1906, the Bishop of Cartagena Mr. Vicente Alonso y Salgado transformed the chapel into a Rectory with its own baptismal font, and the priest who attended it from the Torre Pacheco parish took charge of it.

The image of the Virgen de los Dolores was burned along with other images and liturgical ornaments during the Spanish Civil War, specifically on the night of July 23rd, 1936. But later, in 1940, it was created again by the sculptor José Sánchez Lozano. The new image of the Virgin Mary was crowned by the Bishop of Cartagena Mr.  Ramón Sanahuja y Marcé on the 19th of September 1954.




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