Muralla urbana

C/ San Ramón y C/ Cid Campeador
30859 ALEDO
Telephone: +34 696 962 116 / Fax: +34 968 484 423

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The remains of the Aledo wall date from the 11th century. The founders of this urban monument were its Muslim ancestors. In its beginnings the town of Aledo was protected from wars and raids and fights by an imposing stone wall that surrounded all of the small town.

Currently one is able to view the remains of the Aledana wall in a good condition because in 1999 it was restored.

The construction of the Aledo wall was made by utilizing the technique of “ramming the earth” which consisted of placing a mould of wood into the earth and throwing compacted earth over the top of it, then hammering the earth until it was dry; afterwards the wooden mould is removed and what remains it its place is a sturdy wall.

How to Arrive?

In Aledo

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