San Vicente Ferrer and Columna Miliaria

Establecimiento adaptado a discapacitados

C/ Corredera (Esquina Glorieta de San Vicente)
30800 LORCA

How to arrive


On the corner of the Casa de los Marín Ponce de León is a replica of a Roman milestone from the time of Augustus (8-2 BC), which was used as a pedestal for the sculpture of Saint Vincent placed there in homage to the preaching of the Valencian saint in Lorca in the 15th century.

The original (along with others) is in the MUAL. Municipal Archaeological Museum.

Above it is the sculpture of San Vicente Ferrer. Tradition has it that he came to Lorca to preach in the 15th century and that he said before he left "not even dust".


It is a replica, the original can be seen in the Archaeological Museum.


How to Arrive?

In Lorca

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