El Tío Facorro Windmill


The El Tío Facorro Mill is located in the urban area of ¿¿Torre Pacheco.

Faced with the disappearance of these constructions due to the urban growth of villages and cities, this mill has survived and has become another building in the urban landscape of Torre Pacheco.

This area has a great agricultural tradition for centuries. Thus, we have documented many Roman villas dedicated to the cultivation of cereals.

Because of this important agricultural tradition, the presence of mills with which to turn wheat into flour or to extract water from the subsoil for watering through the transformation of the wind force is necessary.

Its plan is circular, while its truncated cone rises about 12 meters. Its construction is based on the use of stones lime and sand mortar, creating walls of an enough size to withstand the winds and the weight of the whole machine.

The roof is formed by a series of single-axis wooden planks that allow the wings to move in the direction of the wind. These wings are joined to a tail in the rear, with which they moved to change the position of the wings, and whose inclination was determined by the base diameter.

Its interior had three floors, where were distributed the necessary machines for the process of manufacture of the flour. These were built with beams and covered with planks of wood. We know a part of its history thanks to the existing documentation in the Municipal Archives. Its existence is reported in 1838 and its owner pays yearly and uninterrupted mill taxes since that date until 1843.

Subsequently, no news of the mill until 1851, date from which it belongs to Gregorio Sánchez Egea, new owner until 1874. From that year, the owners follow one another: Hermenegildo Sánchez Victoria, Antonio Baño Victoria, Hilariona Vitoria and Mariano Sánchez Victoria, who was his last owner, in the middle of the last century, when the industrial machine permanently replaced these constructions with huge wings.

The Town Hall of Torre Pacheco renovated it for the first time in 1997, followed by several restorations, because the mills need continuous maintenance.


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