El Pasico Windmill


The El Pasico Mill is located near Torre-Pacheco, next to the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Pasico, in the district called La Hortichuela, part of the Cartagena lands, known for the richness and productivity of its soils.

The windmills were established in this area from the 16th century. The presence of these flour mills, since the eighteenth century until the mid-twentieth, as well as the mills devoted to water extraction, is essential in the economy of our region.

In the lands of Cartagena, there are many examples, especially those preserved in the municipality of Torre Pacheco thanks to the renovation and conservation projects carried out by the own City Council that have given these giants all their monumentality and their importance. Concretely, this mill was renovated in 1991 and it suffered later several restorations.

The structure of the mill is circular in plan, while its profile, like all those of this type, is a truncated cone. The structure is built of masonry with mortar of lime and sand, limed outside. Its roof is made of wood and it is built so as to allow the mobility of the wings to orient them in the direction of the wind. The interior had three floors built of wood, where was located the machine necessary for the manufacture of flour. Currently, the machine is completely restored and in perfect condition for its use.

According to the documentation found on this mill, there was in 1844 in the district of La Hortichuela, a flour mill belonging to Juan Roca Saura, who owned it until 1855. Then the family Antonio Roca Aparicio owned it since 1862 to 1869, and after them Mateo García from 1863 to 1864, and so to those of various owners until 1910, when, being owner Francisco Nieto Cañavete, it is already referred to as the mill of El Pasico.

His last owner was Mateo Nieto from 1940 until his death. He currently belongs to the same family.


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