Lugar Alto

Lugar Alto

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El Lugar Alto (268m above sea level) is an emblematic location in the urban area where you can enjoy incredible views of the town and its surroundings. Here a walled enclosure with an Arab castle settled, around the XII century (only a piece of wall remains). This had a mosque, a aljama in which justice was administered, the maqbara (Arab cemetery), caves, where the inhabitants lived, a fountain, and even a fish market where products were sold.
 The mound of the High Place is surrounded by various cave dwellings, many of which remain inhabited today, renovated and consolidated. Others are uninhabited, due to their dilapidated state.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus monument was erected in 1946 and is also located in El Lugar Alto, it is the work of the Murcian plasterers, the brothers Nicolás and Anastasio Martínez. In 1957 the access stairs were made from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.


How to Arrive?

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