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The Embarcadero de Mineral el Hornillo (a wharf for ore shipmente in the city of Aguilas) was founded as a result of Gustavo Gillman's entrepreneurship. This English engineer aimed at boosting the railway which connected the towns of Aguilas, Lorca and Baza by building this wharf and by operating mines existing in the Bacares Mountains.

The structure was inaugurated on 18th August, 1903, albeit it only became fully operative in 1904, as some improvements on its initial design had to be accomplished. Since its foundation until its closure, which recently occurred, it has been set aside for iron ore shipment.

The warf takes over the name of the bay where it is located, El Hornillo, and it is considered the second most important in Spain. Fully made of steel and concrete, the construction shows a capacity to handle and supply two ships simultaneously. It is connected to the Aguilas Station through a metallic bridge, which is 1.177 meters long, as well as to a sewer directly heanding to the seaside.

Visitors can get to it though Delicias beach, alongside Fransena Road.





Former wharf for ore shipment


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