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The first Islamic structure was set up around the 10th century over Neolithic and Iberian remains. It represented a main spot in the defense of Al-Andalus. It was rebuilt by the Order of Santiago (religious order which began to combat and drive back the Muslims of the Iberian Peninsula in the 9th century), standing out the Torre del Homenaje (Tower Keep) (15th century) of Levantino military Gothic, 22m high and 9m wide.

While visiting the place you will discover five other towers: Redonda (rebuilt by the Order of Santiago over a Musulman tower), Blanca (White Tower), La Magdalena (where the chapel in honor of La Magdalena is placed), Quebrada or de los Limones and de Los Cuatro Vientos (Four Large Windows Tower).

The current Tower Keep has three floors. In the ground floor, there is a water well with a central cruciform pillar. Above it there is the Sala de Armas (Place of Arms) with a wonderful groin vault, a great keystone and three arrow loops.

In the Sala del Homenaje (Hall of Homage) three parallel barrel vaults stand out, erected over lancet arches. In the east wall you will find the stairs which give access to the merloned terrace, the last bastion of the fortification.



Levantino (18th century eastern Spanish art) military Gothic


15th century




Thursday to Sunday from 10,30h. to 14,00h.

Saturday from 10,30h. to 14,00h. and 18,00h. to 20,00h.

- Visits must be previously booked at the Tourist Office

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In Moratalla

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