Ros Castle

C/ Clemente Canto
Telephone: +34 968-579937 / Fax: +34 968-577964

How to arrive


The Castle of Ros was commissioned by the monastic order of St. Philip Neri. At first it was property of the Balsicas estate, then it became property of the State and was donated to the General Mr, Antonio Ros de Olano and Peroinya. Queen Isabel II granted this gentleman the title of Viscount Ros de Olano and Marquis of Gaud-el-Yehi, with Spanish greatness.

The building underwent several reforms carried out by Mr. Antonio de Vega y Ros de Olano, grandson of the General, who inherited the estate from his mother Mrs. Isabel Ros de Olano y Quintana de Romo, and the title of Viscounty. The building is an old mansion with a crenelated tower. Currently, it is privately owned. 

How to Arrive?

In Torre Pacheco

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