Castillo de los Fajardo o de los Vélez

Cerro del Castillo
30170 MULA
Telephone: +34 968 661 501

How to arrive


Standing on the top of a hill, the castle dominates the town. This military construction was built by the first Marquis of " Los Vélez"  not for defensive purpose but to show power and Vélez supremacy, one of the most important in the XVI century.

It is structured in four parts: the Homage Tower, a central nave with an attached tower and the Cistern Tower. A half barrelvault, as well as a room provided with a fireplace for the garrison, can be found inside the castle. The exterior facade of this Renaissance-style castle is sparsely decorated with eight coats of arms.


It is currently a non visitable private property.

How to Arrive?

In Mula

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